Exeter's Best Breakfasts: The Daisy Cafe

We have been going around some of Exeter's most popular breakfast venues, in a battle to find our favourite, to be crowed 'Exeter's Best Breakfast'.

The Daisy Cafe is located in Heavitree, Exeter and promises to serve excellent home cooked food, from local produce, with a warm welcome and lovely garden. We couldn't wait to give it a go and try it out for ourselves.

When we arrived one Sunday morning, we were greeted by the traditional cafe feel. Light pastel colours, delicious looking cakes at the front and a really friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We were shown to the garden to decide if we wanted to sit out there or inside, but as soon as we saw the outdoor area we fell in love.

I commented that it had an almost 'secret garden' feel to it, as it was much bigger than you would imagine and felt completely enclosed and out the way. Lush greenery and funky umbrellas.

The table we sat at was a gorgeous duck egg blue colour, which just so happens to match the theme of my kitchen at home!

The menu was handwritten, which gave a really lovely, homely vibe.

We were told how the sausages are award winning, as well as locally produced, and even the bread is baked locally. We are so lucky to be located somewhere where local produce is of such high quality. It was great to see it being so heavily supported here. I went for a large breakfast and my boyfriend had a 'Big Breakfast Bap'

The meat was truly exceptionally flavoured and cooked to perfection. The hash browns were perfectly crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle, and the mushrooms were amazing. I have often found mushrooms on a breakfast to be overly oily or flavourless, but these were incredible. The bap was full of the same delicious meats and an egg, with fresh fluffy bread.

We had a really relaxing and pleasant time there, and would definitely like to come back time and time again. When adding up the quality of food with the quality of service and atmosphere, The Daisy Cafe stands out for us as 'Best Breakfast in Exeter'.

Food ***** Atmosphere ***** Service *****