12 Things All Slimming World Members Can Relate To

If you liked my post 12 Struggles All Slimming World Members Can Relate to, here are some more!

1. Desperately trying to convince yourself that a yogurt is a dessert. 

I mean, they're nice, but they are no match for a big slice of cake.  The cake flavoured yogurts are still just yogurts!

2. Despite avocado being in the fruit/veg category, it has syns. 

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Just when you think you're getting the hang of things, you find out one of the things you actually like has 9.5 syns per 100g.  Pass me the chocolate instead! 

3. Sitting through someone's sob story in group as to why they put on 3lbs this week.

You thought the xfactor sob stories were bad, but they aren't a patch on why Maureen put on 3lbs this week, despite staying 100% totally on plan and only having 2 kebabs and a bottle of wine.

4. Having to refer to being on your period as 'star week'. 

We're all adults here.  It's a normal bodily function. I feel anything but a 'star' during this time.  In fact, I'd like to kill you all. It's bad enough that I will probably have a gain this week due to my normal bodily function. 

5. The anger you feel when you realise you actually believed that ScanBran and Chocolate tastes better than Forrero Roche.

It doesn't. Thanks to someone on a Facebook group or in group waxing lyrical about how it tastes sooo much better than the real thing, you actually attempted to make it...And soon found out it tastes like Scan Bran mixed with chocolate.  Leading you to throw the rest out.  Same for any of these things that are supposed to be just as good or better.

6. Blending fruit turns it into syns. 

'Unlimited fruit and veg' they say. 'More speed the better' they say.  That is, until you try and turn the fruit into a smoothie.  Then, it might as well be a chocolate bar instead.  There's a science behind it, but who cares.  I want a smoothie. 

7. So much more washing up. 

Cooking fresh means more pots and pans used, which in turn means more washing up is needed. 

8. Feeling like a maths genius because your constantly counting syns.

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20 calories = 1 syn. I REALLY want this snack!

9. Freezing to Death in the middle of winter, but at least you have the same light summer dress on for weigh in!

Clothes can be heavy. I don't want clothes to ruin my loss this week.  Shivering counts as body magic, right??

10. Owning more herbs and spices than you have room for.

Cooking fresh means more herbs and spices. 

11. Pretending you're not jealous when someone hits their target.

I mean, good for them! Bad for me.

12.  Wishing it was possible to swap out your shiny stickers

It's totally valid for Pokemon cards, why not the Slimming World stickers too? Forcing me to earn them the hard way...

As much as we moan, the Slimming World plan works. Sometimes it's just nice to know that we're all going through it!!

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