Review: Absurd Bird, Exeter

A few weeks back we visited Exeter Cookery School for an evening with Absurd Bird. We had a great time sampling some of the deep south soul food dishes off the menu, and even having a go at making some ourselves.

Absurd Bird has been open for just over a week, at the time of writing this, and has been massively popular, earning great reviews from the public. We were really excited to go back and try the full restaurant experience for ourselves.

We visited on a Thursday evening and the place was packed! The easiest way to describe the interior is that of a deep south American porch, with big rocking chairs and swinging seats hanging from the ceiling. It was a really relaxing atmosphere, even though they were clearly very busy.

We started our evening off with some moonshine cocktails. I had a hillbilly iced tea, Absurd's Moonshine with ice tea, refreshing and light.

We shared some of the starers between us. My favourite was 'Jalapeno Cheese Biscuits with apple butter'.  Similar to a savoury scone, a deep south classic, delicious with the apple butter. A great mix of sweet and savoury, a real treat for the taste buds. 

One of the dishes we got to try at the blogger event was the Spinach and Artichoke dip with fried tortilla chips, a super cheesy dip that's rich with super gooey goodness! It tasted even better being served in the restaurant with the buzzing atmosphere.

This is the dirty burger. Bao Buns stuffed with fried chicken, spicy mayo and pickle. The words 'probably the best chicken burger I've ever had' came out of his mouth!  Bold statement, but after trying some myself I would have to agree!

I went for an American classic that I've never see on a menu in the UK before...chicken and waffles.  I absolutely love the flavour combination of sweet and savoury and this really didn't disappoint.  Succulent fried chicken on top of waffles with smoked sweet gravy and maple syrup, a calorific treat but oh so worth it!

We were so full that we had no room for dessert...but we will be going back to try some of the crack pie...

Food ***** Service ***** Atmosphere *****
L x