Spun Sugar Workshop at Exeter Cookery School

I always take pride on being a self taught home cook but have always wanted to learn some proper kitchen skills. Last year I was invited along to Exeter Cookery School and had an amazing day learning some proper chefy tips that I have used in every day cooking. Since then Exeter Cookery School has opened it's new home on the historic quayside and I was kindly invited to their spun sugar workshop for an afteroon.  The very idea of sugar spinning is something that has always terrified me and I have never dared attempted it myself at home! Spun sugar is a great skill to master as it lets you add beautiful crunchy garnishes to your desserts and offers the home cook enormous scope to impress family and friends.  I was super excited to see how I would feel about it by the end of the workshop!

Our afternoon started off with a demo from Chef Jim himself (who made it look incredibly easy!) and he taught us the secret ingredient to a perfect caramel...

We were shown how to perfect bowls, domes, springs and even oil filled capsules for the extra special garnish to show off to your friends!

It was then our turn to give it a go!  We made up some caramel and let our creative juices flow to create some impressive spun sugar masterpieces with our new knowledge and confidence.

These are all my own creations!
We also made a nut brittle
I can say that after attending the curse I can confidently create some sugar masterpieces at home.  It was a fabulous day in a great location and I would highly recommend even the most novice of cooks to give the course a go,  If spun sugar isn't your thing they offer a massive range of half day or full day courses from butchery to bread making. Check out their website for more details. 

L x