Review:- Opies

Family owned since 1880, Opies produce a fantastic range of products that are the perfect accompaniments for cocktails: Cocktail Cherries, Sliced Lemons and Gherkins. Signature lines include English Pickled Walnuts as well as luxury olives, fruits, sauces and compotes. 

Pickled gherkins are one of my favourite things and I could eat jars of them at a time. These taste delicious and are perfect size to accompany a cocktail.  They are perfect for a BBQ to go in salads as well, or even on the BBQ itself (I've tried it before, it's amazing!)

They also have an extensive recipe collection using Opies’ baking items such as Stem Ginger in Syrup, Black Cherries with Kirsch Recipes include Ginger Christmas Cake, Black Forest Cheesecake.

One of my favourite recipes from their website is chicken casserole with pickled walnuts, recipe here 

The ginger is amazing and has a beautiful fiery flavour, perfect on it's own or in any recipes. 

Products available from major multiple supermarkets and online.

L x