Review: Heartsease Farm pressés

I really love light drinks in summer, especially fruity flavours.  I was very kindly sent some of the delicious sparkling pressé range from Heartsease Farm. They come in a range of quirky flavours with their newest release being the apple and rhubarb, an ideal drink of choice for those imminent summer evenings.

Heartsease Farm pressés are made from all natural ingredients. By using carefully selected and sourced fruit, blended with spring water from the farm itself, they have created a range of delightful drinks, perfect for summer. Delicious flavour combinations, finished with an added sparkle. There is nothing better.  If you are on Slimming World, they work out to be 6.5 syns per 330ml bottle.

Radnor Hills Ltd was founded by William Watkins in 1996 to produce soft drinks at his family farm in Mid Wales. The Watkins family have farmed at Heartsease since 1903.

The drinks come in Traditional Lemonade, made from the finest Sicilian lemons with a sharp but yet sweet taste.  Apple & Rhubarb, which tastes like the sweetest crumble with just the right amount of fizz.  Blackcurrant Crush, lovely and rich flavour - better than any squash! Elderflower,  made from the best British elderflowers, Fiery Ginger Beer, and deliciously sweet Raspberry Lemonade.

Table sized bottles available for £2 from Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.

L x