Review: Overhang Revitalisation Drink

When you're not feeling yourself it can really hold you back. Whether it was a heavy night the day before or if you're generally feeling run down it can be easy to reach for caffeine drinks.  I try to avoid sugar and caffeine rich drinks as not only are they high in syn value but they seem to make me feel worse than I did before once they wear off! I recently discovered an amazing and natural revitalisation drink that's that surprisingly works well and tastes delicious.

This authentic, uplifting drink is created using a secret family recipe that's over 100 years old.  Made from the delicious and zesty combination of orange, lime, ginger and milk thistle with added vitamins and botanicals helps your body return to its former glory, whenever you need it.

Some revitalisation drinks can taste awful being filled with loads of herbs and little other flavour, but overhang tastes like a normal bottled drink you could get from the supermarket.  The flavour combination is interesting as the ginger is strong but I really like it with all the other flavours in the drink.  I would happily drink this as a normal drink, the revitalisation is an added bonus without the nasty caffeine buzz!

Overhang is available from Holland & Barrett at £2.49