Built In Kitchen Appliances By MyAppliances

What would your dream kitchen be like? Big, techy or basic? I am used to my relatively small kitchen, just the right size to fit me in and enough space to move around and cook.  Sometimes I wish I had more cupboard space for storage and a part of me would love to paint all the cupboards pink!

The main focal point in most kitchens are the oven and hob.  I have an electric oven and a separate gas hob and after having a look around online I was amazed at some of the different options available!  I have been having a look at some of the best built in cooker appliances from My Appliances.

Range Cookers. If you have a bigger kitchen then a range cooker may be for you.  Sometimes when cooking a Sunday roast I think that 4 hobs just aren't enough! A range cooker is a very large cooker, usually with two or more ovens and six or more burners.  I would love one of these, but sadly there would have to be even less cupboard space than I already have!

MyAppliances offer a wide selection of Double Electric Ovens or Single Electric Ovens with nicely weighted chunky controls and handy programmers with added touch sense control system. What's more, double ovens like this are easy to clean and offer a new level of sophistication for the kitchen and the home. Perfect for those big meals.

If, like me, you have a very sensitive smoke detector (I swear it goes off at the slightest hint of any food cooking!) then you will need to have a decent cooker hood and extractor fan.  The latest design trend is for headroom hoods that gently slope away above the work surface, giving the best space above the hob and these can be complimented with a stunning glass splash back to complete the look. I couldn't live with mine, especially with my smoke detector! Also available are the chimney cooker hoods. The buttons on the front control the three speed settings and also the light function, making it a doddle to operate.

Aside from the fact they are extremely easy to use; the really great thing about ceramic hobs is how simple they are to clean- just use warm soapy water and remove any food splatters and stains in an instant.

Something a little special and a little different is an induction hob.  I had never heard of this until my parents got one and since seeing it in action I am amazed! Significantly more economical than ceramic, electric and gas hobs, induction hobs offer great value for money and have a smooth surface for easy cleaning following the evening's meal. Simple to control, hobs like this have a range of power levels to ensure instant heat at the touch of a button using a magnetic field to generate heat.  This means you can turn water from cold to boiling in about 30 seconds and when you take the pan off the heat the hob is still cold to the touch!

Which is your favourite? What is your kitchen like? Leave a comment below!

L x