Review: Cha Cha Moon

When we recently went to London for the blog awards we took the opportunity to visit Cha Cha Moon, a Chinese noodle bar just off Carnaby street in the heart of London's Soho district.  It is a Chinese noodle bar that goes beyond noodle pop culture and in to the soul of regional Chinese cooking. It delves further across Asia to give you both authentic and classic dishes as well Regional dishes.  The food is all freshly prepared on site and cooked in front of you in their big open kitchen.

The feel inside is that of a traditional noodle bar, with long rows of tables.  The difference in this one in comparison to previous places I have been is that the seats are all cushioned, making it a more comfortable dining experience!

The menu has a wide range of dishes, from soup noodles, wok noodles, Lao Mian, Bai Fan, platters and salads but first things first we ordered some cocktails. I had a Wen Wen which is peach, rasperry and vodka.  It was made with fresh fruit and was absolutely delicious!  Nick had a Hidden Dragen -Lemongrass, lime, mint, sugar, apple juice, white rum. Again it was lovely and fresh tasting and really summery.

I went for a Crispy noodle dish with shredded chicken Chicken, pickled cabbage, chinese chive, beansprout and egg noodle. I was worried that there wouldn't be much sauce, but I had no reason to be.  There was a rich sauce that complemented all of the components of the dish.  The crispy noodles were a great contrast to the egg noodles, and I really enjoyed it.  The meat was incredibly tender and melt in the mouth.

 Nick went for a Beef ho fun- Beef, beansprout, red and green pepper and ho fun.  The sauce was lovely and rich, and just like my chicken the beef was deliciously tender, coupled with the perfectly cooked thick noodles.

 For pudding I went for baked banana, crispy on the outside and soft and delicious banana on the inside with creme de leeche ice cream.  Similar to a banana fritta, but much nicer!  The light crisy outside was great with the hot banana in the middle.  The ice cream had a lovely flavour, I really enjoyed it.

Nick went for Passion fruit ice cream with fresh passion fruit on top and lychee liqueur poured over the top.  A lovely finish to the meal with the rich fruity flavour of passion fruit and the fresh fruit on top finished it off and also worked as a great pallet cleanser.

We both really like the look and feel of the restaurant.  The food was served promptly, was delicious and the service was great. We will definitely make the effort to come back here the next time we are in London.

Food ***** Atmosphere ***** Service *****

 L x L x

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  1. That looks amazing, the place I mean, not to mention the delicious food!

  2. Wow it really looks just a bit swish! The food looks gorgeous but I'd love to try me one of those cocktails! Yum :) Great post, glad you had a nice time xx

  3. It was great, a first for us and we loved it!

  4. I would eat everything but even more so those lush sounding ice creams.

  5. All sounds great, but it's the cocktails which I find particularly enticing...

  6. I love reading review of nice places to have a meal. I hate going blind to a new place.

  7. it all looks so yummy, making me want to go there now on my next visit x

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  9. Thanks every! I really recommend you try it if you can!


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