Review: Giraffe

Giraffe say that they want to create a friendly, welcoming place where a smile goes a long way!  They explore foods from all over the globe to give you an extensive menu.  Giraffes are so tall that they have a different view of the world, which is why they named their restaurants after the creature.

I have been in there a few times for coffees in the morning, but never for a meal.  After looking at their menu., I was impressed at what a wide range of foods from all over the globe they offer, making my decision very difficult indeed! While we deliberated over the menu, we ordered some cocktails to get us going!

Nick hand a Mango & Lime Daiquiri- Bacardi, fresh mango & lime, blended! It was dangerously delicious as you could taste no alcohol, fresh and tasty. So much so that we had to order some more afterwards. I think we will be coming back here again, even if just for cocktails. I had a Berry Bellini; strawberry & cassis coulis with prosecco delicately floated on top. This was heavenly and delicious and far too good to just have the one! Our waiter was really friendly, gave his personal recommendations, and while he was really laid back and talkative it still felt like we were being well looked after, and the service throughout was very prompt.

We decided to share our starters between the 2 of us. I chose Chicken Potstickers- fried chicken dumplings with orange, carrot & miso glaze & soy-chilli sauce.  These were served very promptly and looks and smelt really good.  I was expecting the chilli sauce to be a little thicker, but it complemented them really well.

Cajun Chicken Tenders with raw slaw & chipotle aioli.  Lovely fresh chicken goujons with an amazing Cajun coating that went so well with the chiptole dip.  The slaw was nice, and had a nice mustard coating, different to the usual mayo that you are used to, yet still equally as tasty.

For mains, Nick went for a Hot “Thai” Duck Stir Fry. Shredded bbq duck, bok choy, thai basil, mint, snap peas, red pepper & noodles with chilli jam, crispy shallots & crunchy noodle topping. Excellently presented, a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds, and I loved that they were served with chopsticks!  The meat was really tender and the dish was packed full of flavours. It was also a really generous sized portion, which Nick did his best to tackle!

I went for Parmesan Chicken Schnitzel “Kiev”, a crumbed chicken breast, melting garlic & herb butter, rocket & roasted lemon with sweet potato fries. A schnitzel is a boneless meat, thinned with a meat tenderizer creating something a little different to a Kiev! There was plenty of delicious garlic butter, and the sweet potato fries were delicious and crispy. I loved every last bite of this!

We were both feeling very full, but our great waiter managed to somehow talk us in to trying the rocky road sundae; lashings of ice cream with fudge brownie pieces and marshmallows. Incredibly glutinous but delicious, we shared one between us and weren't able to finish it!  It was a great end to a great meal! We both really enjoyed it at Giraffe and will definitely be going back, there is just so so much on their menu that I still want to try out for myself! The one in Exeter is a little small and a lot of people were really close and it felt like everyone could hear our conversations, as we could hear theirs! In the summer there is a lot of seating available outside. Find your nearest Giraffe online

Food ***** Service ***** Atmosphere ****

L x