Review: The Kernow Sausage Company

The Kernow Sausage Company was started in 2007 by Gavin Roberts, a butcher who became disillusioned with the lack of respect and care he saw in commercial meat production. This was the driving force that encouraged him to start doing it himself.  He was taught to make sausages by his Grandmother and armed with his Granny's secret recipe he started The Kernow Sausage Company.

They are now based at a county farm in Tregony continue to be very family focused. The Roberts family use their combination of butchery expertise and culinary passion to hand craft their succulent sausages with the finest cuts of pork. The majority of the pork comes from pigs reared on the farm, who are kept well and cared for with enough space to roam to make sure that they are the healthiest they can be.

It is this care and passion that has allowed them to be multi award winners and gain national acclaim for their products, including Royal Cornwall Show's 'Best New Product 2011'. With the Cornish Sweetheart Bacon winning a Great Taste Award in 2012 and Mediterranean Medley Sausage also being successful in 2013, their products certainly have the attention of connoisseurs. Their recipes are developed with consideration as to how the product will be used in the kitchen. From Michelin starred chefs to local farmers, the company now supply an eclectic mix of customers in catering, hospitality and retail with some of the finest sausages, bacon and pork in the county.

When I spoke to Samantha from The Kernow Sausage Company, she told me how, after sampling a wide range of "healthy eating" sausages, they were disappointed by the bland and frankly feeble products on offer. As they were passionate about their sausages they were keen to take on the challenge of creating a sausage with lower fat content that doesn't compromise on quality or taste. This started their creation of their Slim & Proper Lower Fat Sausage, which is new for 2014.  This fits in perfectly with my #HealthyStart2014 theme for the start of the year, and they very kindly sent me some to try out for myself.

I first tried them with a simple sausage and mash, so I could get the full flavour of the sausage.  The sausages arrived with a few tips, first of all never prick your sausages, The sausages are 'artisan crafted marinaded packets of pork perfection' made with the finest Cornish cuts of meat, fresh spices and blended with the best herbs - by pricking the sausages, the natural juices will run out causing some flavour to be lost. Also, let your sausages rest before serving, due to high meat content it works the same way as when you leave a steak to rest, locking the flavours in.  I made the worlds creamiest mash, using only a dash of semi skimmed milk, and whisking the potatoes.  This leaves absolutely zero lumps or bumps!

If you look at the picture above, you can see what a high meat content there is in the sausage, and absolutely no gristly bits or visible fat.  They had a great flavour, and you can tell it is high quality meat blended perfectly with herbs. To test these out and see if they tasted just as good as "full fat" sausages, I didn't tell Nick that they were in any way different to a normal sausage.  Only after he had finished eating did I ask what he thought, and he said they were delicious, and was very surprised when I told him that they were "slim and proper".  I can see these making an appearance in the Sugar Pink Kitchen a lot more!

L x