Review: Inspiral Superfood Bites

A few weeks ago I offered my celiac friend at work a carrot cake.  Due to not having my glasses I thought it was gluten free due to it saying “glute free”, in actuality it said “guilt free”.  Luckily David noticed before it was too late.  To try and make up for that misdemeanour, I brought in some Inspiral snacks.  Organic, 100% natural, gluten and GM free.   I thought I was on to a winner!  I had 2 flavours; chocolatey and loveberry superfood bites.

We cracked open the loveberry ones, and shared them around. David exclaimed "They must have gone out of their way to make something taste this bad..." oh dear. It was not too dissimilar to eating cardboard. At first the smell and taste was promising, but the more you chewed the worse it got. In fact I think cardboard would be preferable.

We moved on to the chocolate ones, surely anything with chocolate in couldn't taste that bad?  How wrong were we!  They smelt really strongly of chocolate, but tasted of nothing.  It seems that not only are these gluten and GM free, they are also completely taste free.

David took it home for his partner to try and his review was not much better, and probably shouldn't be published here.

L x