Marco's #12tweetsofXmas Winning Meal!

On Twitter Marco's Exeter launched their #12tweetsofXmas campaign, giving everyone the chance to win prizes and get some great offers.  One of the prizes on offer was a 3 course meal for 2, all you had to do was tweet the best Christmas Joke to be in with a chance of winning.  Guess what? I only bloody won didn't I!  With the incredible joke "What do you get if you eat all your Christmas Decorations?- Tinsilitus!"

So, we went and eagerly claimed our 3 course meal.   I have already written a review on Marco's here, but wanted to write this one as I thought the meal was better overall, and not just because it was free!

To start Nick had the Calamari, which was equally as awesome as last time (see last review). Cooked perfectly and completely delicious!

I had mozzarella, avocado, tomato and basil salad to start. It was really nice, but personally I prefer mozzarella when it is warm. It was really well presented, and seemed wrong to get tucked in and start eating it! The mozarella works well with the avocado and basil flavours.

We both had the lasagne for mains, and it was awesome! There was plenty of cheese on top, which is normally my biggest issue when having a lasagne in a restaurant! The sauce was creamy and delicious and the fresh pasta was cooked to perfection. There was plenty of meat and the garlic bread was crispy with just the right amount of flavour- great!

For pudding I went for a tiramisu, a personal favourite of mine!! Presented beautifully on a martini glass, you could see every delicious layer. The sponge wasn't overly soggy, and the coffee flavour was just right and not too overpowering. It went down very nicely- in about 30 seconds!  I love tiramisu!

Nick went for the Double chocolate truffle cake- a chocoholic's dream! It was rich and chocolatey, complete with strawberries and a chocolate sauce. It was delicious but very rich, and despite our best efforts we had to leave some, something that I am regretting now!  It was heavenly!

As we went on a Sunday evening it was very quiet, it was just us and another couple of tables in the restaurant. The food was great, and we both left feeling very full and in need of a lye down!  Thanks Marco's, we loved it- see you again soon!

Food *****  Service ***** Atmosphere ****
L x