Review: Fude Dude's Man v Food Challenge!

I am a massive fan of Adam Richman's American TV show "Man Vs Food", where he travels around the USA taking on enormous challenges.  It has been a long standing thing that when eating in a restaurant where I eat about 3 bites before saying I am full and not being able to eat any more!  I always have eyes bigger than my belly, and my belly is big!  My Dad has always been an incredibly good eater.  He is tall and thin, but can eat for England!  He once finished the Harry Ramsdens fish and chips challenge, and not only ate his, but finished most of my uncle's, and then ate a pudding! He is very proud of his certificate.

Nick and I decided to take on the Fude Dude's 2 foot sausage challenge, with surprising results!

The Fude Dude can be found at Exeter Street Food, and does wonderful sausages and hot dogs.  The 2 foot challenge is 2 feet of sausage in a crusty french bread stick.   I asked Andy to cut the ends off, but he was having none of it!  I had mine with cheese, tomato ketchup and mustard, and Nick went plain.

As you can see, it is huge!!  We started eating it and all was good for a while.   Nick got about halfway through and started to feel a bit ill! I decided to do mine in little chunks, so it was less of a psychological mission!

This is about the time that Nick was starting to suffer... I had to stand up and take a little walk around.  I convinced myself that this would burn a few calories and make it a bit easier!

27 minutes and 30 seconds later, I had completed the challenge!  Not only had I beaten the challenge itself, but more importantly I had beaten Nick!

I'm not going to lie, I have felt very full and very ill ever since!  Fude Dude is at the Exeter Street Food market every day until December 23rd, and if you are interested in the challenge it is £10, which includes a drink to wash it down.  You just need to give 24 hours notice so that he has the baguettes in!  Check out the Fude Dude for more!

L x