Almondy Daim Cheesecake

The fascination with all things Scandinavian has gripped the UK since TV series such as Wallander, The Killing and The Bridge hit our screens in the early naughties. We have of course dabbled with a love of Sweden for much longer through pop sensations ABBA and flat pack favourite, IKEA. However, one much loved but perhaps slightly less high profile Swedish delight but which has been on sale in the UK for over 10 years is the ultimate in chocolate indulgence – Almondy.

Almondy cakes are widely available through most UK supermarkets - a 400g cake costs just £3.00 but being hidden away in the frozen aisle means they may have remained a little of an undiscovered treasure. With 1.7 million cakes sold in the UK it’s definitely becoming less of a secret but here’s why Almondy deserves to be on everyone’s shopping list.

I was sent a delicious Diam cheesecake to try. This is made to a traditional Swedish recipe dating from 1830 but which was lost until rediscovered by Almondy founders, Kent & Lennart in 1982 when they set up the business. The recipe doesn’t use flour so while delicious it also means the cakes are gluten free and suitable for the growing number of people who are choosing to, or have to, remove gluten from their diets.

Almondy Daim combines the irresistible almond base with a golden cream and crunchy almond caramel, coated with delicious smooth milk chocolate. Delicious! I took it to a friends house and it dad absolutely devoured with thumbs up all round.

This cheesecake and it's sister Toblerone flavors both  gluten free, Kosher, Halal and suitable for Vegetarians.

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