The best restaurants in Macao

Chinese Macau is one of the largest gambling cities in the world. At one time the metropolis was under the protectorate of Portugal, which influenced the culture and development of Macau. Today, the city is the centre of fashion, gambling and shopping: tourists from all over the Asian region come to Macau for entertainment. Those who opt for a non gamstop casinos uk no deposit bonus want to test their luck not only at online casinos. Junket tourists are actively visiting the Chinese city, where many gambling houses and modern places of comfort await them.

Which Macau restaurants are worth visiting to sample the flavour of the local cuisine and the glamour of relaxation in the Chinese metropolis?

Ritz Carlton

It's a legendary French-style brasserie. A very atypical establishment for Chinese cities. The interior is decorated in the best traditions of the luxurious Empire and Rococo style. In spite of the presentable character of the restaurant and the variety of the menu, the inn is notable for the democratic price of dishes and drinks.

The highlight of the pub is a whole cascade of panoramic windows overlooking the Macau Mall. It's a rare place to find signature European desserts, French wine and classic beef dishes in China.

The Ritz Carlton is a quiet and intimate place. Informal meetings are often held here for business lunches, and you can relax and unwind by visiting the online casino. Choose free spins no deposit uk 2022 gamstop and enjoy a leisurely stay in Macau.

St. Regis Macao

A romantic date or a festive family dinner cannot be had within the walls of this establishment. The St. Regis Macao is an atmospheric restaurant with a sophisticated oyster bar. Signature dishes with an abundance of seafood are prepared with excellence.

The restaurant offers an excellent wine list and serves traditional Portuguese cuisine. The St. Regis Macao resembles a typical holiday in Europe rather than in China. The restaurant always has a smoky aroma from the white oak grill.

The most successful dishes are rice casserole, marinated lobster and French oysters. The venue caters for business meetings, cigar and hookah lovers.

Lai Heen

The city's most popular restaurant for vegetarian food lovers. The chef has developed the unique menu that combines traditions of the Italian and Chinese cuisines. Lai Heen is adored by European tourists, and family and friendly lunches are often held here. It is quite a lively and noisy place, so it is suitable for holidays with children.

Another advantage of Lai Heen is its own pastry shop. Here they bake PP desserts with unusual Asian ingredients for tourists.

Other popular Macau establishments to visit with children are:

  • Lotus Palace;

  • Market Bistro;

  • Crystal Long Bao;

  • Lord Stows Bakery.

Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental is renowned for its excellent dessert section. There are dozens of cocktails to choose from, as well as signature cakes. Notably, these are also French-inspired dishes. The restaurant has been awarded a Michelin star for its original style and variety of signature sweets.

In addition to the dessert menu, there is also classic Mediterranean cuisine. The recipes feature plenty of seafood and there is a premium wine list.

Mandarin Oriental offers amazing views of the South China Sea. Lake Nam Van is also visible in the distance. The cheese risotto, caramelised beef and lime cheesecake are recommended signature dishes.


The restaurant has an originally thought-out interior. A kind of underwater world into which all the guests plunge. Stylization in sea style, live music and delicious dishes with fish and seafood are the institution's main features.

Why visit Belon in Macau? Because in 2017, this restaurant was listed as one of the best places to eat in the city and is included in the authoritative Tatler ranking. The restaurant's prices are above average. The emphasis is on exclusive specialities and culinary delights. The best dishes on the menu are lobster on dried herbs and smoked scallop.

Inexpensive Macau restaurants

The Chinese city is visited by junket tourists from all over the world. And not everyone can afford to visit expensive establishments. Where can I get a tasty, cheap meal in Macau?

The most budget-friendly and popular restaurants are:

  • Terrazza with Italian cuisine;

  • Macanese - A Portuguese restaurant in Central Broadway;

  • Cafe Deco, a Venetian-inspired Chinese restaurant.

  • MIAN Japanese restaurant in Studio City.

Macau's vibrant nightlife and social life The city attracts tourists with its rhythm of life and unforgettable local atmosphere. It is one of the world's top cities for gamblers to visit.