5 Dinner Lifestyle Tips to Keep in the Kitchen

*This is a contributed post*

We know all about clean eating, cutting out bad sugars and staying fit. And although these things are incredibly vital to our state of health, for some it simply isn’t a way of life. Sure maybe three months into it and we believe we have mastered the healthy way. In fact, so sure are we in ourselves that we begin to hand the advice onto friends, family and colleagues. And then one day, a bad day comes and we fall off the wagon and binge ourselves so deep into a slump we simply give up on all of our progress. Of course, there are the trooper few who climb back on and to that we salute you. But if you are looking for lifestyle habits, ones which become a way of life and allow you to indulge in that glass of wine and block of chocolate while indulging in a bit of fun at Netbet.co.uk, then have a look at these tips. You may just find tips to touch your soul, tips to live by and tips to die by.

Life is About Proportions

Life is all about keeping things in proportion and we believe we need to portion our dishes accordingly. Rather than dishing your dinner on a regular dinner plate, opt for a side plate. You will immediately have no choice but to dish less. So if you wanted more protein, you would need to dish less carbs. More meat, less potato.

All in Good Time

Timing is everything, meeting the man or woman of our dreams, getting the promotion we always wanted, achieving the body we want, and this all takes time. But in the meantime, make sure you don’t eat your dinner past 7pm at night, earlier if youcan. It may seem difficult at first but soon enough your metabolism will fall into rhythm. Your body doesn’t burn fuel while you sleep and the food you consume before dinner is often stored.

Cut the Carbs

We aren’t saying cut out carbs all day long, our bodies do need good carbs but eat your carbs during the day and avoid them altogether at the dinner table. Your side plate will do nicely with meat and veg, even a little gravy.

Drink Water

Drink water at least thirty minutes after you have eaten. Studies have shown that water aids in the digestion and breaking down of nutrients in your body after a meal. Use this tip for all meals if you can.

Don’t Assault Your Body

Keep your heart healthy, your cholesterol down and your blood pressure down by laying off the salt entirely or halving the amount you would put on your food. What works as a good replacement is celery salt. Use that at the dinner table for the whole family.

Try these small little tricks for a number of weeks and soon enough you won’t even realize what you are doing, all of this becomes a way of life.