Eating Out on a Diet

Vegan tandoori 'chicken' at Mildreds

Vegan tandoori 'chicken' at Mildreds

Source: Mildred's Restaurants / Used with permission

I adore eating out and though its good to really knuckle down for the new year diet-wise, I hate the idea of missing time with my friends. We all love getting together for a meal and whilst a great way to stick to that diet is to cook at home for everyone, sometimes you just don’t want to do the washing up. So this post is for those of you who want to enjoy a night out, without ruining your food plan. 

I’ve stuck to London, but if you can’t get to the capital then just look for restaurants who follow a similar ethos in your town - I guarantee you’ll find some!


Mildreds is something of an institution nowadays, but this little group of restaurants came from wonderfully humble beginnings. Their journey started in the 80’s in an ‘adult club’, which they turned into a little cafe. Vegetarian food at the time tended to be bland and unexciting, so they vowed to create colourful, international and affordable food, serving main courses for just £2.95.

Unfortunately in 2019 you’ll have to pay a little more than you did in the 80s, but it’s still great value for money at around £12 for a main course.

Their ‘Soul Bowls’ are something else, absolutely packed with veggies, vitamins and good fats. A great way to fill up and feel virtuous. Of course its important to remember that your friends might not be on a diet, in which case Mildreds can cater for them too. They’ve got a great burger menu and naughty sides as well, so saints and sinners can eat side by side.

Rude Health

Have you ever tried a Dutch Baby? If not then I insist you make your way to Rude Health in Fulham. This online health food store set up a cafe that prides itself on using just real food, no thickeners, no colouring, nothing artificial. Their weekend brunch menu is one of my favourite ways to while away a Saturday morning. Dutch babies are super fluffy pancakes, made with sprouted spelt flour and served with mascarpone and lots of fresh fruit. 

For those who prefer a savoury brunch, the shakshukah on sourdough toast is to die for and you can choose to add poached eggs if you’re planning on taking a long walk home! The lovely thing about this brunch spot, is that though it feels luxury, it’s really affordable, if you stay for a big brunch, tea and a juice then you’ll still have change from £20.

Green chickpea pancakes at Rude Health

Green chickpea pancakes at Rude Health

RUDE HEALTH / Used with permission

The Caviar House & Prunier

Another great way to eat out whilst watching your waistline is to choose seafood. One of my all time favourite restaurants, which I only visit when I’m feeling flush, is The Caviar House & Prunier. This restaurant is in an upscale bit of town just around the corner from The Portland Gallery and directly opposite White’s. I have to confess, White’s is not so much my taste now, but I was lucky enough to find out about its fascinating history over lunch.

Anyway, on offer here is the freshest, most delicious seafood you could imagine. As the name suggests, you really ought to try the caviar, but if prawns, smoked salmon or oysters are more your thing then they’ve got you covered too. Generally speaking a meal here will cost you upwards of £30 and if you want champagne (not so calorie free, but so worth it!) then quite a bit more, but its good to treat yourself once in a while!


If you’re strapped for cash and trying to be healthy then eating out really can be a minefield, but Ethos of Oxford Circus (I can’t believe it either!) makes it possible. This self serve buffet is packed with hot and cold vegetarian offerings and operates on a pay by weight basis. So if you only want a small meal then you only have to pay for a small meal. 

One side is full of vibrant salads and cold plates, their beetroot, pear and radish salad is to die for. The other side is made up of warm dishes, like middle eastern okra and miso glazed aubergines. If you’re not salivating by now then I’m not sure how!

 Veganuary is a breeze at Ethos!

Veganuary is a breeze at Ethos!

Source: Ethos Foods / Used with permission

That brings this whistle stop tour to an end, just remember veggies are your friends, watch out for calorie heavy dressings and if all else fails, seafood is generally speaking a better choice than meat. Now get out there and fill yourself up with the best London has to offer!