My Slimming World Survival Guide!

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As I'm writing this post it's New Years Eve, Eve. 2015 is nearly over and I've had some ups and downs, and I don't just mean my weight! I had a great Christmas with Nick and he VERY kindly got me a brand new laptop!! Mine blew up about 4 months ago which has certainly hindered my ability to post blogs!

After a food filled Christmas I am finally ready to get back on the wagon and armed with my new laptop, I'm ready to bring you some fab new Slimming World friendly recipes! To help you (and myself!) get back on track I have compiled my Slimming World survival tips! We can all do this together- I believe in us! 2016 is the year I hit target!!

(obligatory inspirational quotes!)

1.  Join Slimming World.

It's pretty self explanatory. I have tried doing it alone and with a membership and going solo is much harder.  Find your nearest group on the website.  If you worry about going to a group (like me!) Slimming World offer an online membership.  Each week, they ask you to weigh in (in the privacy of your own home) and celebrate every milestone you achieve with awards and congratulations – your first half stone, your Club 10 target and your self-set weight loss target – the weight you've always dreamed of.

2. Join My Facebook Support Group!

I am not a SW consultant and I can't give you any "official" advice, but I am a human and I want to help everyone as best I can.  I started a Facebook support group with over 400 amazing, friendly members.  We share meal pictures, hints, tips and progress.  It is like my very own virtual group.  It is closed so none of  your friends can see what you're posting, so you can request to join it here.  Don't forget to follow my social media if you want to keep up to date with new recipes Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

3. Plan Your Meals

I find the easiest way to stay on plan is to know what you're eating. Whether you make a 7 day meal plan or a few days at a time, plan something. A great starting point (even if you're not a paid up member!) is the free 7 day meal plan on the SW website. Just amend to suit your tastes- you could even throw in a few of my recipes instead! My SW Catalogue is here and you can grab the 7 day meal plan here.

4. Do a Big Shop

Get everything you need in the house, and get rid of everything you don't!  if you don't have anything naughty in the house you can't get tempted. I love this amazing list from Slimming World Survival, THE ULTIMATE, PRINTABLE GENERIC SLIMMING WORLD SHOPPING LIST! Make sure you pick out recipes you like and include all the ingredients

5. Keep a Diary 

There is more than one way to keep a diary!  I will be updating my blog with weekly updates, and posting *most* of my meals on Instagram.  This is a great way to keep track of what you eat and your progress, putting it in a public forum makes it more real and could even inspire others. 

6. Don't Make Excuses!

There are loads of excuses you can make, I am so guilty of this too.  People complain that SW can be time consuming, but as proven in my amazing blog post "How to prepare 7 Slimming World friendly freezer meals in under 1 hour!", it doesn't have to be!

7. Don't Ruin a Good Tomorrow Because of a Bad Today

If you do fall off the wagon there is always damage limitation! Because you have 1 bad day don't let it turn into a bad week  Conserve your syns for the next few days and eat plenty of speed food!

8. The more your drink, the more you shrink!

Drink plenty of water, preferably 2 litres a day! 

9. Set Realistic Goals

While you have an end target, try setting your self mini targets too. A stone, maybe even half, the more targets you hit the better you feel!

10. Treat Yourself!

Your syns are there to be used- make sure you use them! Save them up throughout the day to have a bit of chocolate, or maybe even a glass of wine.  That's the beauty of Slimming World!

L x

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