Week 24 weigh in

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Oh dear. I've had a good week as I celebrated some good news and went to a gig on Friday night, but that meant my food choices weren't the best! I was on plan for the majority of the week but I had some prosecco on Friday night and a KFC the next day! I also had a Chinese! Previously I would have consumed all of that happily and not worried, but now I feel terribly guilty! I thought a gain was almost certain this week. Here are some of the other meals that I have eaten.

I was shocked to see a loss of 0.8kg (1.7lbs!).  As great as this is I am preparing myself that the gain may appear next week, but I'll take this for now!

Loss This Week- 0.8kg (1.7lb)  

Total Loss So Far- 19.5kg (3.07 stone)

L x

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