Week 22 Weigh In

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My first proper week back on it and it feels good to be back in the game! I have been making daily images of my meals BUT, I am not going to post them yet. I have been working on a special post in which I will show youhow to prepare a week of SW evening meals in just 1 hour! I have been testing recipes every evening. I don't want to give the meals away yet!  Here are some of the other meals I have eaten this week...

I put on 10lbs over Christmas so I am working hard to get that back off. I had a great loss of 1.5kg (3lbs) this week! I have been back at the gym as well and I am very much hoping to hit target in 2015!

Loss This Week- 1.5kg (3lb)  

Total Loss So Far- 19.5kg (3.07 stone)

L x

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