Week 16 weigh in

by - 07:31

Another week has passed!  I fell as though my progress has really slowed recently and it just a pound a week. I know that this is actually a really good rate of loss but the impatient part of me really wishes it would hurry up!  I really hope it does so that I can hit another stone loss by Christmas!

Here are some of the meals I have eaten this week:-

Steak and SW chips

Chicken Breast & potatoes

Banana Porridge

I really wanted a loss that was more then 0.5kg (1lb).  I am very pleased to say that I was 1.1kg down (2.42lbs)! Only another 5Kg (11.58lbs) left of my stone by Christmas target!

Loss This Week- 1.1kg (2.42bs)  

Total Loss So Far- 17.3.kg (2.72 stone)

L x

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