Week 15 Weigh In

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Another week of Slimming World and I have finally started to realise that Christmas is not that far away. Christmas is the time for partys, little black dresses and fun.  I have set myself a mini target of losing another stone before Christmas.  If I hit this target, then I am going to give myself the entire Christmas period off plan to properly enjoy myself.  Only 10 more weigh ins until then!

Back to this week and I have been good all week.  I also had a sickness bug or something for most of Monday  :(.  It has been a great week for the blog too with lot's of views and messages from SW members that have been trying my recipes out!  I love this, I love seeing pictures and still can't quite believe that over 100000 people have read my humble blog!

Here are some of the meals that I have eaten this week. 

Salt Beef Salad

Bacon, Egg, Mushrooms & tomatoes on toast!

After my gain a few weeks ago I was hoping for a loss, and I was another 0.5kg down (1lb)!  I'm happy with that!  I have made a batch of super speed soup up to help me this week and I am determined to lose as much as I can between now and Xmas!

Loss This Week- 0.5kg (1lb)  

Total Loss So Far- 16.2kg (2.55 stone)

L x

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