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University; for most students it's their first real taste of freedom:- You're away from your parents, old enough to buy alcohol legally and get a real taste of having to budget and make the tricky decision between buying food or alcohol!  If you look on the internet there are hundreds of tips and tricks for budgeting, saving money, making sure your work gets in on time and how to stay up on the all nighters. This being a food blog, I am going to focus on the best food hacks on offer!

1. When you cook a main meal make double the amount that you need.  That way you have lunch sorted for the next day, or even the next few days! It is great, especially with the freshers flu!! Bringing in your own lunch not only saves you money, but stops you pigging out on takeaways. You can also freeze any leftovers, perfect for reheating a few days later and tastes better than most expensive shop bought meals!

2. The first time living on your own can often be a bit of a shock.  You have to do your own washing, cook your own food and pay your own bills. BORING.  Here are 3 images that will quite literally change your student life in halls. 

A bulldog clip keeps your beers stacked - more fridge space without the fear of your pyramid collapsing!!

A slice of cheese, on the bread, in the toaster and you have cheese on toast in 4 minutes! Remember that most toasters pop up....don't leave the toaster unatended!

No more fighting over the microwave, a jam jar or glass makes enough room for 2 bowls at a time!

3.  Keep an emergency stash of goodies.  Whether you are trying to pull an all nighter or just need a sneaky pick me up, a box full of sweets or chocolates stashed in a place that only you know about is not only comforting, but is a great way of saving money and stopping frequent trips to the vending machine! Also makes for a great bribery currency, your fellow students will probably do anything for sweets with a hangover - cups of tea delivered on the hour every hour is just a few sweets away. 

Have you been to Uni?  What are your top life hack tips? Send them into @CurrysPCWorld with the hastag #CurrysStudentHacks to be in with the chance of winning 1 of 3 laptops, read more about the competition here!

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