Week 13 Weigh In

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My posts have been a little sparse this week, for that I am sorry!  This is mainly due to the fact that I stood on my lap top and smashed the screen :(  Turns out no matter how much weight I lose an LCD screen is no match for me!

If you follow me on social media you will have spotted that we had our very own personal chef come and cook for us and some friends on Friday!  This was my prize for the Hardys Wine Blogger Challenge, and because it was a real treat I chose exactly what I wanted without thinking about syns, and drank as much of the wine as I wanted too!  I will be posting about that separately but not until my laptop is fixed (I am currently borrowing Nicks and the keyboard and my long nails do NOT get on!) so I will keep the photos from that night a secret for now!   Here are some of the meals I ate for the rest of the week:-

Scampi and Chips (7 syns)

Potato and leek soup (recipe soon!)

Chicken skewers & salad

So...for the first time I had a gain of 1kg (2lbs)!  Not really a surprise, but I am now totally focused and back on track this week.  I think that a gain was the kick up the butt I needed to help refocus!

Quote from Slimming World :- "We're so thrilled you decided to get on the scales, then logged on this week. Although you haven’t lost weight you've shown that you have the courage to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again to become the person you really want to be."

Loss This Week- +1kg (2lbs)  

Total Loss So Far- 15.kg (2.47 stone)

L x

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  1. Oh I would take a 2 lb gain in exchange for a personal chef and copious amounts of wine! It's not everyday that happens - what a wonderful prize!

  2. a little gain is worth it sometimes, personal chef sounds amazing!

  3. A little gain is okay sometimes.mi love the look of potato and leek soup


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