Week 9 Weigh in

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I haven't done very well this week.  After last weeks success of hitting 12kg I haven't kept it up as much.   I have been careful with my syns but on Friday night I went out drinking without counting any syns, so god knows what I consumed!  I also shared a bottle of Prosecco with my friend on Sunday too! I weighed myself mid week and I had put on 1kg (2lbs) and I put this down to having so much to eat last weekend, especially the milk toffee I made!!  Here are some of the meals I have eaten this week.

So after putting on 1kg in the week I wasn't hopefully...but I actually lost 0.2kg, so if I really had put on 1kg that is actually pretty good going!

Loss This Week- 0.2kg (0.4lbs)

Total Loss So Far- 12.2kg (1.92 stone)

L x

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