Week 8 Weigh In

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This week has been a strange one.  I started a new job with normal working hours so had to readjust my routine.  I have been back at the gym and also walking 3 miles a day to work and back. At the same time though my eating hasn't been the best either, and I don't really have many pictures to show you!  On Tuesday, I had a Dominos pizza.  Previously I would get a large stuffed crust all to myself, but I went for a medium, thin and crispy base with half fat cheese and ate it over 3 days! The base was barely a cm thick, and that is how I made myself feel better.   The rest of the time I have been eating things like jacket potatoes and beans.

Garlic Chicken Breast

Co-Op Rainbow Salad

Spaghetti Bolognese

Steak & Chips

So, I got on the scales expecting a gain and was shocked to see a loss of 1kg!

Loss This Week- 1kg (2lbs)  

Total Loss So Far- 11.3 kg (1.7 stone)

L x

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