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Week 6 Weigh In

Another week has passed and this one has been a good one.  This was the first time that I saved some syns in the week to use at the weekend for alcohol! We went out on Friday and Saturday night and I did have a few drinks, but even so I stayed well within my syn allowance.  I also made a really concious effort to drink more water this week. Here are some of the meals that I have eaten, I should point out that my phone went wrong and I had to wipe it, losing a lot of pictures!

Beans & Egg on toast

So...I got on the scales this morning and was amazed to see a loss of 2.6kg/5.5lbs!  My best loss on the plan so far! It feels like I have been naughty this week because of the alcohol I have drunk, and I have also been doing my Zumba fitness DVD and I am already feeling fitter! I also got this little beauty!

Loss This Week- 2.6kg (5.5lbs)  

Total Loss So Far- 9.3 kg (1st 4lbs)

L x

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