Week 4 Weigh in

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I have now completed 4 full weeks of Slimming World and have really enjoyed the food I have been cooking and eating!  This week though was the first time that I have been dreading getting on the scales.   I found out at the start of the week that I got a new job, so decided the weekend was a celebration! I had a 3 course meal, wine and a posh M&S picnic and just really enjoyed myself!  I was convinced that I would probably put on weight! Here is some of the food I have eaten this week.

 Incredible meal out at Cote

Beans and egg on toast

Strawberries and Yoghurt

Posh M&S Picnic with wine!

I got on the scales, not wanting to look...and to my surprise I had actually lost 0.7kg/1.5lbs!  Not only that, but I got my 6kg award, which is the equivalent of just under a stone in 4 weeks!  Now I have the additional motivation of starting a new job to keep me on track.  My aim is to buy some nice new clothes to start in, hopefully a few sizes smaller than the last time I went shopping!

Loss This Week- 0.7kg (1.5lbs)  

Total Loss So Far- 6.0 kg (13.2lbs)
L x

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  1. Wow, well done you, that's amazing! That food all looks delicious!

  2. Is one of the top pictures a pancake? It looks really yummy!

  3. Congratulations!

    I always find the weeks I eat more, I lose more. The weeks I eat hardly anything, I stay the same.

    Enjoy your food!


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