Recipe: Home-made Tagliatelle with creamy Spinach, Bacon and Mascarpone sauce.

A few weeks ago I bought a pasta maker. Not just any pasta maker, but a purple pasta maker!

I have been really excited to use it but haven't quite found the time, or a recipe that warranted my first attempt at making my own pasta.  I have had today off and decided that now was the time to try it out, with a little help from Nick.  I decided upon making a Spinach, Bacon and Mascarpone Tagliatelle as I had made it previously for us and Nick absolutely loved it.   So, if you fancy trying this too, here is how I we did it.

For the Tagliatelle:-
140g/5oz plain flour or Italian '00' flour
2 medium eggs, 1 whole and 1 yolk

As it was my first time making my own pasta, I have to admit that I used the recipe from the BBC Food website

Place the flour on the side and create well for eggs. Beat the eggs with a fork

Slowly mix the eggs with the flour, a small bit at a time.  You may need to use you fingers for this! Eventually you can start to knead it into a dough.  Now is the time to take out your frustration!

This is where my glamorous assistant came into his own! Flatten the dough out and start feeding it through the pasta maker on it is widest setting.  Do this twice then fold the dough in half and reduce the setting down.  We kept doing this, folding and feeding until we ended up with what we thought looked pasta like!

We then bashed it through the cutter section and, much to my surprise
it looked like actual pasta afterwards!

It takes about 2 mins to cook, so whack it in some boiling water.  If you are making it before hand, keep it on a wet tea towel so it doesn't dry out!

For the sauce:-

A bag of baby leaf Spinach
A pack of smoked Bacon
3 table spoons of Mascarpone
A dash of double cream
1 clove Garlic
2 table spoons of Butter
Pinch of pepper
Hand full of mushrooms

Firstly, I know that the measurements of ingredients are not that specific. I kind of freestyled it and, to be honest, sometimes I find this is the best way and helps you stumble upon miracles! You need to chop up the mushrooms and the bacon before hand. (minimal prep!)

Fry up the bacon, once done remove from the pan.

Add butter, garlic and pepper to a pan.  Allow butter to melt and then add the mushrooms and spinach and allow spinach to wilt down.

Re introduce the bacon and allow the spinach to soak up the smoky flavour.

Add the mascarpone and allow to melt, then add the dash of cream.

Add the pasta to the sauce...

Mix everything well and serve.  I served mine with a garlic ciabatta

Simple and delicious, and took about 20 mins to cook (after the pasta had been made!)  If you don't have a pasta maker, a glamorous assistant or the time to make pasta you can always use shop bought!

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