Review: Everdine Clean Eating Delivery

As someone who always tries to eat healthily, I know how time consuming and expensive this can be! As much as we prep and plan, sometimes life just gets in the way.  I was asked to try out and review Everdine. They offer clean and wholesome gourmet meals, cooked and frozen, then courier-delivered.  I couldn't wait to give it a go!!

Everdine is a subscription service, so you can set yourself up to regularly receive a batch of fresh and delicious meals. I went on their website and was surprised and the large selection of meals on offer, and actually struggled to choose just 8! You have the option to choose a box of either 8 or 12 meals, and there are plenty of vegetarian options to choose from. For a box of 8 meals, it works out at only £6.90 per meal!

I finally managed to choose my 8 meals, and eagerly waiting for delivery! You can also select a Saturday delivery at no extra cost, which is perfect for those who work full time. 

When my meals came I was immediately impressed with the portion sizes!! There were not as small as I had expected, and each dish was PACKED with vegetables!  Here are my 4 favourite meals: 

Mushroom Spaghetti Carbonara. An unusual yet delicious and healthy twist to a classic carbonara. The celeriac puree gives a creamy texture, perfect for people who want indulgence without unnecessary calories. Wholewheat pasta helps you get the recommended intake of whole grains, and oyster mushrooms serve as a great source of iron and protein.  This dish was super flavoursome and filling. 

Pulled Beef Ragu Spaghetti. This home favourite meal is packed with rich nutrients, B vitamins and vital minerals such as copper and selenium. The combination of a healthy portion of colourful vegetables, tender pulled beef and wholegrain pasta makes this dish a well-balanced all-rounder after a long day at work. A large portion and again, super filling!!

Smokey Chicken Fajitas. This flavoursome Mexican favourite has been reinvented in a clean and flavourful way! Chipotle and paprika give this dish its rich smoky flavour, while herbs add texture and taste to the bulgur wheat. Mexican is one of my favourite cuisines, and this dish did not disappointing. 

Cherry and Hoisin Duck with Wilted Greens. Lightly marinated duck breast is paired with delicious greens, blanched to bring out flavours while keeping nutrients intact. Rich in protein, iron, vitamin B6 and niacin, this delicious meal is full of goodies to keep you going all day. One of my favourites with plenty of greens. 

I would definitely use the Everdine ordering system again, for a week of guilt free and delicious meals. The meals were all fresh and really easy to prepare in the microwave. 

If you fancy giving this a go, you can order your first box with a £25 discount by following this link!
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