How To Store Your LiveLean Chicken Breasts Like a Boss!

I get my meat delivered from LiveLean every month. They offer great value for money and high quality products. The Slimming Hamper is their leanest bundle and includes 5KG Premium Chicken Fillets (approx. 24 chicken fillets), 2 x 6oz British Rump Steaks, 2 x 400g lean beef mince (4% fat), 2 x 4oz British Chicken burgers, 2 x 6oz Hache Steaks, 24 lean steak meatballs, 8 x British Chicken sausages.

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24 is a LOT of chicken breasts, and I've made the mistake of chucking them all in the freezer before. That meant I had to defrost the whole pack to be able to use one breast, a rookie error.  This time, I think I bossed it.  I found some takeaway style boxes that are perfect for storing chicken breasts, and all food leftovers. After I unpacked my delivery I took some time to help save some time throughout the week!

Pre-preparing the chicken, then either freezing or keeping in the fridge, is a great way to help the chicken go further, last longer and makes midweek cooking much simpler.

I separated the breasts in to sets of two, so there's one each per meal. On two of the containers I added some Cajun spice mix over the breasts, and made sure they were evenly coated.  On two others I added some chopped bacon, garlic and herbs. You can be creative and add any kind of herbs, spices and flavour combinations.

Label the lid and add the use by dates that come on the pack and the date you created them.

Store in the fridge and consume within the ‘use by’ date or, store in your freezer and consume within 6 months.

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L x
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