Review:- Harry's Restaurant

For 20 years Harry's restaurant and Harry's Grill Bar reigned supreme in Exeter, but towards the end of 2015 Harry's grill bar was not more, and Harry's restaurant was tasked with continuing the popular Harry's name.   I was really disappointed when I heard the grill bar had closed as their steaks were impeccable.   I last reviewed the restaurant in 2014 and they kindly invited me to try out their updated menu for the New Year (even though it is the end of March!)

The restaurant is situated on Longbrook Street and provides a relaxing and friendly atmosphere to dine in. I couldn't really explain Harry's restaurant as 1 particular culinary style, there is a vast menu with lot's of options from Mexican dishes to burgers and nibbles accompanied by a large selection of wines, cocktails, milk shakes, and they now even open for breakfast.

While looking through this menu and trying hard to choose our dishes we ordered some milkshakes to keep us going.  I opted for caramel while Nick went for the classic chocolate.  They were deliciously thick and creamy and super sweet, almost like having a dessert as a starter!

Nick eventually chose a 'Greedy Hog', which is a beef patty, pulled pork, cheese, pickle, BBQ sauce burger with fries and 'slaw. The portion sizes, as you can see, are very generous!  A decent sized burger with a good amount of chips, the burger was too big to eat as one and Nick surrendered and had to cut it in half/eat with a knife and fork!  The pulled pork was succulent and with a rich BBQ sauce that complimented it well and a tasty home made 'slaw.

I went for 'Hog & Mac' which is a pulled pork roll, macaroni cheese, slaw and BBQ sauce.  Eating a macaroni cheese out can always be a risk, some places opt for show bought packet mixes that are pasty and flavourless, but that didn't seem the case here.  There was a thick layer of melted cheddar on the top, so even if it was a packet mix it tasted amazing and was VERY cheesy!  I ended up adding the 'slaw, BBQ sauce and some Mac to my burger to make the ultimate taste party in my mouth!  I really enjoyed the dish and would definitely eat it again!

Although we had every intention of trying out their delicious desserts as well, we were so full that we couldn't possibly manage another morsel (I blame the milkshakes!)

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Food ***** Service ***** Atmosphere *****
L x
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