Review:- Chiquito

For years I have been desperate for a decent Mexican restaurant to pop up in Exeter, and then 2 come along relatively quickly!  Now home to Las Iguanas and Chiquito and Gus's Mexican Kitchen, the Mexican cuisine is now fully represented!

Chiquito has recently launched a new menu and invited me to try to it out. I haven't had a chance to eat there since it opened just before Christmas, but noticed that it has always been popular and at first it was very difficult to even get a table! From the moment you walk through the door there is a warm, welcoming and lively atmosphere, with Mexican music and sombreros a plenty.  There's a host of authentic features that capture the very essence of all things Tex Mex with a very large and varied menu. 'Tex-Mex' is a term describing a fusion of American and Mexican cuisine, and the Chiquito menu stays true to this.  I was really supposed at just how much was on the menu, I believe there is something there for even the fussiest of eaters!

We decided to go for starters and mains with a selection of side dishes to share, although if my appetite was bigger I could easily have ordered more!  I started of with the classic Jalapeño Poppers- Breaded jalapeños filled with cream cheese and served with a sweet jalapeño jelly. Jalapeño Poppers are one of my favourite things, and these didn't disappoint! Although I usually eat them on their own the jalapeño jelly had a great sweetness to accompany the spice and cream cheese filling.

Nick chose Peri-Peri Prawns, King prawns in a Peri-Peri sauce, topped with a citrus crunch and served with tortilla chips.  There were only 4 small prawns in the whole dish (definitely didn't seem to be "King") and Nick felt underwhelmed overall. There was more spice than there as flavour!

Here is the massive selection of food that we got for out main course!

For out sides we chose some sweet potato fries, Mexican garlic bread (2 tortilla wraps topped with garlic butter and cheese) and some haloumi. The sides were all tasty, the sweet potato fries were beautifully crispy- just the way I like them!  The halloumi was nice, but it was a really thick slice which meant the middle was completely cold, unlike the crisp grilled outside

I went for Quesadillas- folded tortilla topped with mozzarella and baked until golden. Filled with BBQ pulled pork and served with a citrus dressed salad.  I make Quesadillas at home a lot and really enjoyed these.  Unlike mine the cheese was on the outside, which was really tasty.  There was plenty of filling and over all it was delicious. 

Nick chose Chimichanga- A golden fried tortilla filled with Mexican spiced rice, refried beans, jalapeño cheese sauce, melted mozzarella and beef chilli and served with skin on fries.  The Chimichanga itself was huge and had a massive amount of filling that was delicious.  The tortilla was beautifully crispy and in no way soggy, really enjoyable.

We enjoyed our meal overall and would definitely return again, there is so much moreon the menu that I would love to try!

Food **** Service **** Atmosphere *****
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