Review:- Base + Barley

You may remember reading about our evening at Base + Barley for their #GreatDevonBaseOff.  Base + Barley have taken food and drink back to basics.  Freshly made pizzas cooked in full view in their centre piece wood fire made, made with sourdough base and a great selection of toppings. The beer is hand-brewed in small batches by 'local yeast gods who love their barley and hops like their own mother.'

Nick went for oven roasted Chorizo in a red wine jus with some sourdough sticks and salad.  It was really high quality Chorizo and tasted delicious.

I went for a Brushcetta to start - sourdough brushed with garlic butter and topped with chopped tomatoes, fresh basil and pesto.  There was plenty of the tomatoes and salad which went beautifully with the pesto. The bread is really light and tasty.

Although I knew their pizzas area great, I wanted to test them out on something other than  pizza so I chose Piri Piri chicken.  It was served with sourdough sticks, side salad and spiced rice. Firstly I loved how much salad there was on the plate, it definitely wasn't a side salad!  The Piri Piri chicken tasted more like a spicy BBQ chicken, but was tasty none the less!

Nick went for the "No. 6" pizza- Tomato, mozzarella, fiery n'duja sausage paste, salami + roquito peppers.  There was a good amount of kick and the pizza was cooked perfectly. The sourdough base is crispy and light, much better than the big chain restaurant pizzas!

We were super full and unale to try any of their delicious desserts :(

Food ***** Service **** Atmosphere ****
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