#5WeeksTo5k Week 2 Update

Read my original post here, and week 1 update here!

Week 2 programme:- Week 2 is all about assessing where you are at. Please do not compare with others, this is about you. Run 1 - how far can you move in 30 minutes, use a phone app, sports watch of map to measure. Run 2 - nonstop test, how long can you jog before you needed walk, 30 seconds? 2minutes? 5minutes? Slow right down to make it easier. Run 3 - time on your feet, stay out for as long as you feel happy with 45 minutes to an hour if you can. Good luck

I am now at the end of week 2 of my #5weeksTo5K challenge, and I can honestly say that I am actually starting to enjoy this now! This last week I have been on a 10-6 shift and the change of clocks has turned 6pm into pitch darkness, so running after work was out of the question! While I could have got up early, I actually prefer to have the extra time to myself in the mornings- it makes up for finishing at 6!

I decided that for all the above reasons I would go for a run on my lunch hour instead, that way it is done and dusted.  My first run was a bit of a tester, I wasn't sure how long it would take me to get out and back so it wasn't as far as usual. I actually found it really beneficial, I ran 2-2.5 miles so that I had enough time to get showered and ready again afterwards, and while it took up my whole hour of lunch I felt so empowered when I had finished, and had extra energy to see me through the rest of my shift.

I also started tracking my runs using the Nike Running App.  It tracks your route and times for you, and also gives you little records and achievements, giving something extra to aim for. This week I set and smashed a record! I managed to keep running for my longest time on run 2, nearly a whole mile,  and was so proud of myself!  I may not be fast paced, and I may have to have the odd 30 second walk but I am out there and doing it! Here are my runs and records:-

Run 1, Monday lunchtime  (couldn't get my app to work at first, I did longer than it says!)

Run 2- Wednesday Lunchtime 

 Run 3- Slightly hungover Sunday morning run! (My phone battery died on the way back so it cut off)

You can join the next program, which starts in January 2016, for just £25!  Read more here
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