#5weeksTo5K - Week 1 Update

If you follow my social media you may have noticed I am taking part in a special challenge, set by Julie from the Fat Girls Guide To Running. You can see my other post about this project here

In the Spring 2015 Julie appeared on ITV's This Morning and led 3 special ladies and the rest of the nation on a 5 weeks to 5k programme based on her best selling book of the same name. The ladies did incredibly well with all of them achieving thier 5k goal and all of them still enjoying a more active lifestyle as a result (One lady has just received news of her London Marathon ballot place)
Unlike other popular running programmes available this one deals not only with how to run but with the psychological issues new runners face when starting out, the barriers that stop us from getting out the door and it gets participants to face their fears and then do it anyway. It helps you Face your fears, establish a running habit, build in confidence, explore your environment and prepare for and succeed in finishing a 5K event.

So, how does it work?

By signing up to the program you are invited to join a closed Facebook group. You will receive a 5 week to 5k planner to stick to your fridge, so it is always in your conscience! You will get weekly motivational videos from Julie and will be set weekly and daily mindset and running challenges.
I have been in the group for 2 weeks now and I am already on week 2!  The group itself is really helpful and full of lovely ladies full of encouragement. There has been a few days where I really didn't want to go out, but seeing all the other members posting their runs, distances and times makes it much easier to do, and leaves me feeling way more empowered.  You are actively encouraged to post updates on your progress within the group, which I think is amazing.  It would be really easy to not do anything or skip a day, but knowing that everyone is in the same boat and probably feeling the same really helps me, plus it makes me feel like I would be letting everyone else down as well (giving extra motivation!)

So how have I found it?

 Week 1 was all about getting into the habit of going out 3 times, without pressures of distance or speed.  I took my dog out with me for extra support (if you can call it that?!) and got all my gear on. The first outing was for 20 mins, with the time increasing on each session.   Session 1 was a brisk walk, 2 was some walking and jogging and 3 was also walking and jogging.  So far so good!
Week 2 is about setting a standard, I'll update you again next week!

You can join the next program, which starts in January 2016, for just £25!  Read more here
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