Too Fat To Run? Update #1

If you spotted my previous post you'll know I have signed up at an amazing, virtual running club. The Clubhouse is a virtual running club specifically designed for plus sized runners of all abilities. It costs just £10 a month and includes weekly training sessions, monthly themed fitness challenges, online support, webinars and discounts plus lots more.  I am committed to starting running properly and committed myself to 3 runs per week.  I read through this AMAZING guide of running for beginners and this is my favourite tip-

"1 Just start running – Go on put your trainers on this very minute and start running…well go on what are you waiting for? I dare you…no in fact I double dare you… GO NOW… grab your keys, leave the house and go for a run. The likelihood of you actually enjoying your first run like this are pretty slim. Ultimately you will at some point have to get out the door and start but there are easier ways to get into it"

I am 2 weeks in and proud of what I have achieved so far.  I have gone for my runs and can already feel my fitness improving.  I used this useful chart to gage my level.  I have gone from not running at all to run walker! Currently I run for 60 seconds and walk for 90, this will build up until I am running consistently!

I use this app to track my runs

I am a member of The Clubhouse on  Facebook which has been such an inspiration.  Seeing other women, just like me, achieving so much and doing so well at all different distances is something that really spurs me on!

There is an upcoming webinar on 27th September "7 habits of successful plus size athletes", sign up and check it out!
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