Eating Out

As you may have noticed, I really love food.  When I'm not cooking at home there is nothing better then going to one of my favourite restaurants with Nick and enjoying a cheeky evening of delicious food. If you've ever visited my dining out page, you'll know that I've had both good and bad experiences.  I have recently revamped my dining out page, to be in alphabetical order and to include an overall rating on the main page, accompanied by a large image.  I decided to look back and share some of my worst and best experiences.

One of my favourite dishes that I have eaten lately was this dish from Jamie's Italian (read full review here)

Italian Nachos- crispy fried ravioli stuffed with three cheeses, served with arrabbiata & Parmesan. SO delicious, and so naughty!  Totally worth every bite. 

Once of the WORST dishes I have eaten has to be this, from Byron Burger.  It was just after they opened, but the experience was so bad that we will never go back.

I went for a burger with blue cheese.  It really was what it said on the tin, a burger with a slab of blue cheese and some salad, with nothing else.   The flavour of the burger was just very plain.  I can't say that it was unpleasant, just a little boring and something you would expect of a Wetherspoons (although he Wetherspoons don't charge anywhere near the price of this burger on it's own!) Read my full review here.

I love to try out new restaurants, and recently discovered Quandoo, It is an online restaurant reservation service, where users can book tables, leave reviews,  and easily search for the type of cuisine and/or area that they wish to dine in.  This should help prevent any unwanted bad experiences as you can see reviews of  other dinners, just like you.  They also have a unique loyalty scheme where you collect Points each time you make a reservation, which you can collect and trade in for a restaurant voucher of up to £100.00!

Where do you like to eat out?  What are your favourite restaurants, and what bad experiences have you had? Please leave your comments below!

L x
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