Week 22 Weigh In

So after my gain last week I worked really hard to get that back off.  I went to Pilates, Spinning and some swimming and gym sessions and was good as gold.  Unfortunately I also had to attend a funeral which was a very sad day, so had a few drinks at the wake. I also had a family meal and there wasn't much that I could have off the menu, so I just chose what I wanted instead! I was hoping for at least a 2lb loss.  Here are some of the meals that I have eaten this week:-

I was super chuffed to see that I lost 2.2kg (4.38lbs)! Much more than expected and I am back below what I was before the gain, so it has all balanced out!  Here is to one more week of being good, then a few days off over Crimbo!

Loss this week:- 2.2kg (4.8lbs)

Total loss so far:- 19.7kg (3.10 stone)

L x

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