Week 18 Weigh In

Another week has passed and we all survived!  This week I tried something a little different.  I saved all my syns during the week so I could really enjoy myself at the weekend! A lot of people do this every week and swear by it.  I started to struggle during the week with no syns as I felt like I started craving food.  I did enjoy the weekend and had chocolate. crisps and all sorts of other naughty things but without going over my allowance.

Here are some of the meals I have eaten this week.

Turkey Salad & roasted veg sweet potato

I am chuffed to say that I have lost another 1kg (2lbs). Another step closer to my mini target that I set of at least another 1 stone (6kg) Christmas!  I have lost 2.7kg (5.9lbs) since setting the Christmas target :)

Loss This Week- 1kg (2bs)  

Total Loss So Far- 19.4.kg (3.04 stone)

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