Review: Harrry's Restaurant Exeter

We have been fans of Harry's for a long time, even before I started this food blog.  I have reviewed both Harry's restaurant and grill bar and loved it each time, so was excited when the restaurant invited me back for a review to celebrate my blog ranking.

The Pounds family opened Harry's Restaurant in 2003 and serve good quality, honest food at affordable prices and have grown to be one of Exeter's most popular restaurants. The menu offers a massive variety, from Mexican, American and classic steaks. It is a really nice venue that has a great atmosphere, as it was a Friday night it was packed and buzzing with activity.

To start with I went for some classic nachos - corn tortilla chips, refried beans, cheese, jalapeƱos, salsa & sour cream.  It was a generously sized portion, probably enough to share between 2 people, but I enjoyed it all to myself!

 Nick obviously went for his trademark calamari! They were served with a lovely sweet chilli which is a refreshing change from a standard tartar or garlic mayonnaise. Another generously sized portion and the calamari was cooked well without any chew at all.

We both seemed to decide on a burger, after much deliberation!  I went for The Italian Job- chicken fillet, pesto, mozzarella & tomato served with fries and coleslaw.  The fries were amazing, lovely and crispy- just how they should be.  The 'slaw was fresh and crunchy and had a good bite.  The chicken burger was sadly a little plain and a little burnt around the edges. Nick tried some and agreed that it was nice but lacked something.  He was surprised when I told him there was pesto in it, because you couldn't really tell.

Nick went for The Hombre burger- cheddar cheese, jalapeƱos & salsa. Apologies for the fact that Nick put ketchup his plate before taking a picture!  As you can see the burger was stuffed with chillies which gave just the right amount of heat.  The chillies were all fresh and you could tell because they all had flavour as well as heat.  Nick really enjoyed it, but our appetites have shrunk so much since eating healthily that he could barely finish it!

Food **** Service ***** Atmosphere *****

L x
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