Week 10 Weigh In

Now this week has been different from any other since starting Slimming World.  On Wednesday evening the opportunity cam round to go to Bestival...on the Friday!!  24hrs of crazy planning later and we were there!  I made an agreement with myself that I would write off the diet and just enjoy myself, as there were so many other things to stress me out (crowds of people, sleeping in a tent and general poor hygiene!)  Over the weekend I had a few chocolate biscuits, a pizza, a hot dog and a bacon sandwich! On the plus side I did a LOT of dancing, rocking out and walking, so much so that my body ached all over by Saturday night!  I only took pictures of the meals I ate on Monday and Tuesday, so forgive me!

Now I know that weight doesn't instantly go on and that it is probably going to be the next weigh in that it catches up with me, but I was still surprised to see a loss of 1.8kg!!  This meant passing my club 10 target, which is 10% of my body weight gone for ever!

Not only that but I completed my bronze body magic award! To achieve the brinze Body Magic award I had to record 45 minutes of activity each week (over at least 3 days) maintained for 4 weeks.  So with a combination of Aquafit, Zumba and generally walking in and out of work I smashed it!

Loss This Week- 1.8kg (3.9 lbs)

Total Loss So Far- 14kg (2.2 stone)

L x

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