Week 8 Weigh In

This week was a little different as I scrimped and saved as many syns as I could to use at the weekend. I cooked a special Sri Lankan meal and may of had a few bits of homemade milk toffee!  I also set myself a mini target of 12kg.  We decided that when I hit this target we can start planning a little mini trip to bath because I desperately want to try out the Thermae Bath Spa.

Here is some of what I have eaten this week, I was good all week but went in pretty hard this weekend!

Sri Lankan Curry

Chicken in Palma Ham

Baked fry up

Lamb Kebabs

I was really disappointing to see that I had only lost 0.7kg, but not surprised.  Downside of having a weigh in on a Monday is that there isn't much time to recover from the weekend. But, when I entered my weight onto the Slimming World website, feeling deflated, I realised that 0.7 was actually all I needed to hit the 12kg mark!

Soon I will be getting pampered and relaxing in this beautiful spa!

Loss This Week- 0.7kg (1.5lbs)  

Total Loss So Far- 12 kg (1.8 stone)

L x
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