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Review: Marbletree Slate Board

I ran a competition to win a fabulous pestle and mortar from Marbletree and it was a great success, thanks to all who entered!  Marbletree kindly sent me a beautiful hand crafted personalised slate, and I was so excited for it to arrive!

Marbletree are a family who are proud that their beautiful slate products are designed, quarried, crafted and personalised for you. They use the traditional V Deep Cut method of engraving on our Lazy Susan which means that the engraving will last and look stunning for years to come. (It wont wash off like some other so called 'engraving'!)

When it arrived I was super excited to see my blogs name on the gorgeous slate board!  It is so professionally finished and looks fantastic. 

A really generous size of 31cm diameter means that you can fit plenty on it, or even put a plate on top of it while still being able to see the engraving.  It also has small cork mats underneath so that it will not scratch a work surface or slip.

I absolutely love this piece, which you can purchase here for £85.  There are lots of different shape and sized slates for you to choose from which can be completely personalised. They also offer other great kitchen accessories including some of their trademark marble products, like the pestle and mortar I gave away. 

Check out their website here

L x

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