Week 2 Weigh in!

So, week 2 has already rolled around again!  I had a good week this week, but it did include a review meal out including alcohol, cheese, meat and bread!  Here are some of the meals I have eaten this week.

Poached Eggs & Asparigus

Meal out at Artigiano

And what did the scales show?  I was feeling nurvous about this one, as they say the 2nd week drops off....but I got another 1.2kg down which is 2.6 pounds!  Not bad considering I had my first cheat day and the second week is a killer! Total loss so far

I have now got my first award for 3kg (half a stone) loss, in just 2 weeks!  I really don't feel like I have been on a diet either, and I am loving cooking and creating meals!

Loss this week-  1.2kg/2.6lbs

Total loss so far- 3.4kgs/7.5lbs

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