Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Review: Dirt Busters Oven Clean

A while ago I bought a Groupon deal for a deep oven clean.  As you can imagine my oven gets used a lot, and I have to admit I have been a bit slack on  cleaning it.  I keep saying to Nick that it needs doing, but something more important comes up!  I booked the appointment for them to come, with a 3 week wait, and on the day nobody arrived.  After much investigation it turned out that the company had gone out of business! In my search to track them down I found a company on Facebook with the same name that are in NO WAY affiliated with the company I bought the Groupon for.  We got talking and I explained what had happened and it turned out that they in fact had a spare space the next day to do my oven, so I booked it in.

They arrived promptly and I was very apologetic about the state of my oven!  In just an hour it went from over used and under cleaned to brand spanking new! I was incredibly impressed with both the service and the high standard in which my oven was cleaned, and only for £19.99! Worth every penny to not do it myself!  They also offer carpet cleaning and cover a wide area of the South West.  You can find them on Facebook

L x