Review: Casa Maroc, New Menu!

I have already enjoyed a meal at Casa Maroc, but new management have launched a delicious new menu offering more variety as well as brand new dishes.  You can read my previous review here.

They have introduced burgers, a wider selection of pizzas as well as some pasta dishes along side their more traditional Mezze and grill.

We started off with a selection of their tappas starters, Crispy Calamari with fresh lime, chilli marinated chicken and Spicy Merguez sausage with beetroot, onion and ginger relish.  The sausages were delicious and went really well with the relish, which was tangy and had a bit of spice through the ginger.  The calamari was a mixture of squid rings and whole baby squids.  They were well cooked and nice sprinkled with fresh lime.  We were both in agreement that the sausage was our favourite.

I chose a Pollo Valdestine chicken breast with tomato and marsalla sauce topped with melting mozerella. The sauce itself was really sweet, and took a few mouthfuls to get used to the taste. The chicken was cooked really well and was nice and tender.  I ordered some gourmet chips and garlic bread for dipping in the sauce, and there was plenty of it.

The garlic bread was on ciabatta, with lots of lovely melted cheese and lots of fresh herbs on top, a great side. I often find that when you order "cheesy" garlic bread there is either not enough or too much cheese, but luckily chef had got it spot on!

Nick went for a Moroccan Lamb burger with gourmet chips. It was juicy and well cooked, in Nick's words "bloody tasty". It was thick with lots of tasty meat and no filler. It was served in a ciabatta roll with a nice relish that really completed the burger.  The chips were really thick and crispy on the outside, yet perfectly light and fluffy in the middle.

I think the new menu is a really good addition and offers a lot more variety and choice while keeping the same quality Mezze and Moroccan food. Last time we went we were the only ones there, and this time there was a party downstairs with a buzz of activity as well as others in the main seating area with us, which really improved the atmosphere.

Food **** Service ***** Atmosphere ****

L x
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