Review: April Degustabox

The 25th of the month came round, and Degustabox very kindly sent me their April box to try out again. Out of the 3 boxes they have sent me, I have to say that the products inside are just getting better and better. The products in this month were perfect for me to take to work and snack on, and I created a great tasting brownie recipe as well! The delivery process was nice and smooth once again with DPD, who provided a day and hour timeslot, as well as the option to change the day, leave in a safe place or deliver to a neighbour.

Clearspring offer wholesome, easy-to-prepare great tasting daily foods for optimum nutrition and are trying to get organic food back on the dining table. Miso soup on the Go is as simple as just adding water. Ready to enjoy in just a few seconds, they are ideal for a quick and healthy lunch on the go or a light but satisfying snack. I took them to work and they were quick, simple and tasty. Find them online here

The Dr Oetker range of fine cooking chocolate has been created for baking to ensure you have great results every time. I used mine to create my Hobnob brownies, and have written the recipe for you to create yourself! Great tasting chocolate and great to bake with!  I was very impressed with how delicious the brownies turned out. Find them online here

Crabbies alcoholic ginger beer has been blended with real Scottish raspberries to create this deliciously unique taste. I only recently acquired a liking for ginger beer, but this is very different.  It tastes almost like a sweet cider, with an added spicy kick.  I really enjoyed it, shame there was only 1 bottle! They also have some great cocktail recipes, which are now listed on my page.  Find them online here

McVities have created 2 new flavours of the Jaffa Cake mini rolls, Tropicool and Berry Burst. Great tasting fluffy rolls that are equally as delicious frozen for a summer treat. Find them online here

Low calorie, sugar free and packed with vitamins this Go Splash Blackcurrent squash capsule is perfect for creating a great tasting drink on the go. Each one contains enough squash to flavour 6 litres of water.  A great idea and a great item to keep in the handbag!  You can find them online here
Lindt has to be my all time favourite brand of chocolate, and this bar has just made it's way to being my favourite chocolate bar on the market.  Filled with Lindts famous smooth truffle centre, it is just heavenly! I loved them so much that I ate 2 out of the 3 myself, and had to very reluctantly give Nick the other one! Find them online here
Cawston press create delicious apple based drinks and have introduced their new cans.  They have also sent me some to review separately, so I will be going into more detail about them in another post, but their drinks are delicious! You can find them online here
It isn't always easy to eat breakfast in the morning, especially if you are in a rush! These breakfast pots contain cereal, and all you need to do is add water and it turns to milk!  An alien concept, and I was worried to try it out but I was pleasantly surprised at how good they are! They come in Fruit & Nut Muesli, Fruit & Fibre, Raisin, Honey & Almond Granola and Sultana & Apple Oatbran Flakes. Thse pots come with a spoon built into the lid, perfect for commuters and those on the go.You can find them online here

I wondered what gluten free crisps would taste like, but in short they were delicious.  Packed with flavour and taste and full of crunch, these were delicious and really enjoyable.  There is no obvious difference between this and normal crisps, which shows that they don't compromise on anything by removing the gluten.  You can find them online here

You can order yours today, and by using the code RI5UA you can get £3 off your first order!

L x
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