Nick's Xbox One Cake!

On 2nd May it was Nicks Birthday!  It was a big birthday last year so I convinced him that we should just have a quiet one this year, when in reality I was plotting and scheming to arrange a surprise party!  His brother came down from Bristol in secret, and while Nick thought he was collecting his Mum from the train station, all his friends were filtering into the house ready to jump out when he returned!  I never realised what stress organising this would be, the worst bit was lying to Nick for about 2 weeks and laying some serious groundwork to stop him from cottoning on! Seeing his shocked and confused face when everyone jumped out definitely made it all worth while!

In the end it all went really smoothly, and Nick had the surprise of his life!  I really don't think he had any ideas what was going on, even after everyone had jumped out!  The centrepiece of the evening was an incredible cake that was made by Emma's Amazing Cakes, an Xbox One cake!

I knew the cake would be good, but I didn't realise just how awesome it would be!  She got everything spot on and it tasting just as good as it looks!  I sent a picture of it to the official Xbox account on Twitter, and they gave their seal of approval, a high accolade for Emma indeed and very well deserved!

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